• Automation
    Control systems
  • Industrial electricity,
  • Network quality
  • Smart buildings,
    Building control
  • Technical services

    Scope of Activities

    1. Automation

      Process Automation, Control Systems, Industrial Supervising. industries: food, chemical, pharma, automotive, oil. We do project leadings in english also. We do long term complex projects.

    2. Industrial Electricity

      Industrial power distribution, Electric installation. Cable trays-supports system installation. Cupper rail systems. Power sockets, area lighting, emergency lightsystems. Office, room electrical installation.

    3. Network Quality

      Power factor correction, Harmonic filtering, Efficiency. Energy Management System istallation (metering tools, bus system, software deelopment). Temporary measurements. Improovment.

    4. Smart Buildings

      Intelligent buildings, Smart homes, Building automation. Electrical design, cooperation with the machanical installators. Unique hardware and software development.

    5. Technical Services

      Electrical design, Leading, Supervising, ATEX systems, Electrical certificates. We have all of the needed licences, certificates and degrees to manage and support the project.

    6. Competences

      Professional team, Stabil office-storage-workshop background, All of the requested sources. Many professional tools and accessories to do the professional work on the site or in our workshop.


    Smart Control Hungary Kft. Has been a 100% hungarian-owned family business since its establishment. It has grown from a one-man business to its current level. In addition to the continuous development of our professional competencies, we also place great emphasis on improving the personal relationships of all our employees and partners! In the course of our work, we try to turn this “familial” immediacy towards both our own colleagues and our partners. Our principles are traditional, which is why we consider honesty, straightforwardness and clarity to be fundamental and important values ​​in our collaborations. It is important for us to have respect and respect, which, in addition to financial motivations, helps us to make our more complex, complicated and longer projects a success.

    Since its inception, the company has successfully participated in hundreds of smaller and larger projects. We are proud that the vast majority of our Customers are returning customers. In all our projects, we try to offer and implement an optimal solution, and in addition to technical professionalism, we also keep in mind the aesthetic design.

    Our company is able to perform professional and diversified tasks in all segments of industry (food industry, chemical industry, automotive industry, pharmaceutical industry, etc.). With our permanent partners in the main company, in addition to automation, we are also able to cover technological mechanical, steel structure and building engineering work parts in one hand. The fact that our team is able to organize and solve problems is well illustrated by the fact that in recent years we have been increasingly asked to cover the responsibilities of all branches of the entire technology deployment.

    The We will continue to strive to implement professional, good value for money and well-thought-out systems with the flexible and constructive attitude we are accustomed to!

    Our Team

    • Electrical Engineer

        3 ps

        Designing, Drawing
        Hardware development
        Software develompent
        Technical preparations
        Project leading

    • Technician

        2 ps

        Software development
        Technical preparations
        Project leading
        Installation leading

    • Electrician

        5 ps

        Panel building
        Cable route installation
        Cabling, Wiring
        Installation, Instrumentation

    • Operative

        2 ps

        Company background
        Financial department
        HR department
        Offical background


    Our Address and Our Offical Details


    Smart Control Hungary Irányítástechnikai Kft.


    H-6800 Hódmezővásárhely, Teleki utca 11.

    Cg. number